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Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.

As we continue our Advent journey, we are reminded to have clarity about our faith journey.

We are called to respond with a generous heart.

We are reminded to choose the greater good.

We are reminded not to be a ‘yes and no’ person, but to rather be a ‘yes’ person.

We are reminded that our faith calls us to commitment.

Hence the ‘straight road’ is about commitment to integrity and clarity of purpose in living our Christian faith.

As we reflect on our lives, we are called to ‘weed’ out what is not life-giving in our relationships.  What am I reluctant to let go of that is not helpful to my Christian faith?

What unhealthy attachments are in my life?

  • Do I eat too much?

  • Do I drink too much?

  • Am I treating anyone with less respect then they deserve?

  • Am I too busy to spend time with my family?

  • Am I communicating properly with my wife, husband, parents, children, etc?

  • Am I too busy to have some quiet time?

  • Do I fill up all my free time with TV or the internet?

  • Am I watching unhealthy and inappropriate things?

  • Am I living a chaste life, i.e. do I behave in a Christian manner regarding sexual matters?

  • Am I just and fair in my dealings?

  • Do I make time for prayer?

Console my people, console them, says your God.

The call from our loving God is a joyful one.

We can make fresh starts.  We can leave behind what is not life-giving and good in our lives.

God’s healing forgiveness keeps calling us to have courage and not to give up on our quest to be holy, to be Saints.

Indeed Lord, let us see Your kindness and grant us Your salvation.

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