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When Peter had his gaze on Jesus he walked on Water.  When he shifted his gaze onto himself, he began to sink.

We need healthy ‘reflection time’.  We need to be reflective about what we are doing.

However, we can spend so much time going over and over again about stuff of the past.  We can worry about what has happened and lament that things did not happen differently.

Of course, we can learn from past mistakes.  We can keep repeating past mistakes if we are not reflective.

However, we can also get bogged down and go around in circles.  We can become de-energised and stuck!

As Peter was sinking, he called out to Jesus.  Jesus pulled him up to safety.

When we catch ourselves wasting time about the past, when we wake up to the fact that we are getting trapped, Jesus is the best antidote.

Jesus reached out to people who were ‘trapped’ by the perception of them by others, or who were trapped because of their own sins.

He broke through the legalisms of the Scribes and Pharisees, and ‘liberated’ people, gave them fresh starts and breathed life into them.

So often he said ‘your sins are forgiven’.  He looked at the frailty of people, looked at their hearts, their deeper desires.  He forgave even before people could verbalise it!

There are things that we cannot solve by ourselves.  Jesus invites us to trust, to have faith in Him.

Our worries, anxieties, psychopathologies, our fears, can immobilise us.

We have a mission of love to share.

We are living reminders of hope.

We are called to be ‘Light of the World’.

We can be this reminder when we let Jesus be our Way, our Truth, our Life.

Handing over our heavy burdens to Him and accepting His ‘light burden’ is liberating!

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