Image credit: Trail via Unsplash

Image credit: Trail via Unsplash

The spiritual journey is indeed about waking up.

It is a journey from illusion to reality.

There is a longing, a restlessness in our hearts.

We long for the job, the holiday, the affirmation, the person who can fill that space, that yearning.

The great St Augustine reminds us that only God can fill that space.

He was a brilliant man who tried philosophy, sexual encounters, parenthood and other things.

When he made his commitment to God, he was able to say:
“Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

It is not that job satisfaction, people who love us and who we love, the beauty of nature and many other things are not good. Of course, they are, but they are only part of the story, not the full story.

Indeed, when we are in harmony with God, we are able to be better and more committed lovers giving more freely and unconditionally.

When we give ourselves time to reflect, we are able to see more clearly what is happening in our lives.

We all have blind spots and sometimes others can see things about us that we do not see.

The truth sets us free.

When those who love us point out things about ourselves that we do not like, it is good to listen.

The word of God in the Scriptures and the teachings of our Church community can also give helpful and constructive challenges that help us on our journey to freedom and authenticity.

This is, of course, a lifelong journey. We don’t quite get there. In this life, we are always getting there.


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