Image credit: Alexander Hafemann via Unsplash

Image credit: Alexander Hafemann via Unsplash

Jesus is not accepted in his hometown by his own people.

At first, they are surprised by his wisdom and abilities. He performed miracles and said amazing things.

However, they could not get past the fact that they thought they knew all about him!!

How often do we presume about each other!

In fact, we are a bit like an iceberg.

One can see the tip of an iceberg but most of it is submerged underwater.

There are certain things about a person that we can know. Obvious things like features, accent, etc.

However, there is so much that we do not know unless they tell us.

So many of these things that we are not aware of can influence the person in ways that we have no idea about.

We rush to judgments just like those people of Nazareth did to Jesus.

We tend to generalise about races of people, ethnic groups, socioeconomic groups, people with various sexual orientations, religious groups etc.

Jesus warned us about judging each other. “Do not judge,” he said.

We are fellow travellers learning from each other, respecting each other.

We all have presuppositions; we all have blind spots.

We are an amazing mystery.

God is an amazing mystery.

It is good to let God surprise us.


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