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For so long we have looked at the effects of COVID-19 from a distance here in Darwin. We had our lock Down last year.

However, for so long most of us have not been very directly affected by it compared to many other parts of Australia. Certainly, so much less when compared to other countries.

Someone here in Darwin told me this week that they have lost over twenty friends in another country.

Another lost his sister who was a nun and a doctor.

Others have family members suffering from the virus overseas and they cannot go and be with them.

Now it is here among us. We need to stay safe; we need to keep our most vulnerable safe.

It is not a time to just look after family and friends. We need to stay guided by the principles of the common good, i.e., the good of the community as well as the good of the individual.

The lockdown had inconvenienced so many,

Delaying of weddings, Baptisms, Aboriginal Church leaders from all over the NT gathering for their annual meeting, youth gatherings and camps and much more have been delayed.

As we look after each other we do so in love.

We also need to heed the call of Pope Francis to look after those in greatest need globally.


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