The Ascension

Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.


When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalen on Easter Sunday morning he told her not to cling to him.


He stayed with the Christian community for about forty days. He ate with them, they could not only see him but they also could touch him, he was no illusion.


He taught them many things.


The time came when he was going from them in the manner of how they had known him.


He was going to be with them in a new way.

‘I will be with you in a new way’

‘I will not leave you orphans’


‘I will send you the Holy Spirit who will continue to teach you.


He is now in the fullness of the God Head, sitting at the right hand of the Father.


He is God as well as our brother.


He is more intimately present to us than when he still walked the earth.


The Ascension is certainly about Jesus and his presence to us now. It is also about our own ascension, how all of who we are will one day be with Jesus and with each other forever.


It is also about an ongoing story and drama. The forever unfolding life in the Holy Spirit.


Next Sunday the Easter season is completed when we celebrate Pentecost, the fulfilment of the promise given to us by Jesus…