The Assumption
Today we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mary. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. All of who he was before is now alive again. This was not something imagined or created to make us feel good.Jesus did really die and rise. He was seen and touched, he spoke and ate with the Disciples. He was seen by hundreds.We were promised a share in that resurrection. After we die from this life, all of who we are will also rise, like what happened to Jesus, into eternal life. We are born into eternal life.Mary, mother of Jesus, is a great model of faith for us. In a sense, she is a model Christian. It has been a long-held belief in the church that when Mary died she was taken up to heaven just like Jesus was in his Ascension. She is there before us. Where she is with Jesus, we shall also be. We call her rising the Assumption.Today’s feast is also our feast. It spells out our hope that life changes and does not end. This is a bit like a time of gestation. Just like a baby is born to a fuller life, we are born into eternal life.There is so much that is good in this life.What is to come is, as promised, so much richer and beyond imagining!


Image credit: Catholic News Agency