Saint Monica

Last Monday was the feast of Saint Augustine. The day before was the feast of Saint Monica his mother. Since that was a Sunday the feast was not celebrated on that date this year. However, one cannot not think of Monica when one remembers her famous son Augustine.


She was a committed Christian and pined and ached to see her son live a questionable moral life and his failure to accept catholic Christianity.


With trust and hope in God, she prayed for her son’s conversion. She was able after many years to see Augustine’s conversion.


So many mothers, who deeply love their children, have pain and ache because of the choices that they make.


Monica is a reminder to us all not to give up hope and to remain steadfast in love as we accompany those whom we love as they face life challenges.


It is helpful to remember that God loves them more than we do! Since we know that we would do anything that we can for them, God will stand with them and help them more than we ever can.


When we join our love with God’s love it is powerful indeed.


Even when we do not see obvious results God does turn to good everything for those who love Him.