The birth of John the Baptist

John the Baptist has two feast days.


One celebrates his birth the other remembers his martyrdom.


Today we celebrate his birthday!


His parents Zacharia and Elizabeth were past childbearing age.


An angel tells Zacharia that Elizabeth is to fall pregnant by the power of God.


Zacharia doubts and falls dumb.


Elizabeth, who is related to Mary the mother of Jesus, falls pregnant.


Mary, pregnant with Jesus, visits Elizabeth and the child John leaps with joy as Mary’s greeting reaches Elizabeth.


This child who was to herald the mission of Jesus, later on, starts his mission even in the womb!!!


John had his vocation to prepare the way for the ‘Lord ‘.


As Disciples of Jesus, we also have our vocation to prepare the way for Jesus.


We do it in a different way than John did.


As we live our Christian life every day, we are invited to help others get to know Jesus.


They meet him through us.


We facilitate the encounter.


Jesus initiates the encounter through us.


As John the Baptist who was a formidable prophet and teacher calling people to conversion, said,


“I must decrease so that He (Jesus) may increase”!


God knows us even in the womb, in fact, he knows and loves us eternally.