The Chrism Mass

The Mass of the Oils or the Chrism mass is a very important diocesan event.


It is celebrated normally within Holy Week.


In our case, in the NT, we celebrate it the week before Holy Week because of the Large distances that need to be covered for all the priests and deacons to gather in Darwin in the Cathedral.


The oils used for the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the sick and Holy Orders are blessed during this mass.


Olive oil is the oil used in this blessing.

The oil used for confirmation and orders has Chrism added.


Chrism is a mixture of fragrant spices and perfumes. It has traditionally been used for the anointing of leaders in the community including priests in the Jewish traditions and monarchs.


The sacraments have of course a profound spiritual dimension. They also have a very earthy human dimension.


They are composed of a material sign that connects with a spiritual dimension…


During the mass, the bishop and priests recommit themselves to serving God and God’s people with generosity and love in a Synodical manner.


It is a major diocesan event rich in symbolism.


We are reminded of our communion and bond of love in Christ.


We are reminded of God’s great generosity and love.


It will be a great event tonight.


We are reminded of the gift that our church family is to us all.