The Circle of Love

God is creative Love. God is indeed beyond images, beyond our conceptual thinking.

In a way, we can say more clearly what God is not than who God is.

All that we can empirically experience, see, hear etc. is limited in some way.

We can conceptualise limitation.

It is very hard for us to conceptualise the infinite.


Central to our Christian faith is that God is Trinity.

The image of a top-down God is very limited in helping us connect with God as Christians know Him. It is an image that leads us to a false god.


Perhaps the image of a circle of dynamic love between Father, Son and Spirit can be helpful.

It is a creative love, absolute love, infinite love.


It is a love that explodes into creating and relating.


We can approach God with a love that takes away fear.

We are unconditionally loved, God already loves us. We do not need to earn becoming loveable.


We are invited into a deep communion of love with all that there is.


We are invited into the Circle of Love.


Jesus was so misunderstood by the Pharisees and leaders of His time.


They accused Him of being lax, one who hangs around with sinners. They were scandalised because He looked at the spirit of the Law and not the legalisms that they had become trapped in.

His parables like the ‘Prodigal Son’, the ‘Lost Sheep’, His compassion towards the woman caught in adultery, and so much more reveal God as Love and nothing less than infinite Love.


Authentic Christian Spirituality is never just about me and God. It is also about us and God. It is about love of all that is.

God is love.




Image credit: Adobe Stock