Good Friday.jpg

Good Friday is the day when we remember the passion and Death of Jesus.

God among us in the person of Jesus enters into our human lives in a way that we can see and touch.

In Jesus, God tells us that he hears the cry of our suffering humanity. Pain and suffering are a part of life, part of nature; life is often tough for people.

Jesus is betrayed by a friend. How many people are betrayed by partners, members of family, members of the church, other institutions including governments and others? He says, “I understand.”

Jesus has friends denying that they know him. How many feel estranged from family and friends? Jesus suffers amazing pain. How many people feel pain because of hunger, disease, sickness, the actions of others, war and all other forms of physical pain?

Jesus’ friends could not support him in his hour of need, they fell asleep on him. How many feel totally alone?

Jesus is condemned unjustly. How many suffer from unjust treatment by governments, the media, members of society, even from church members?

Jesus feels distant from god, “My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?” Jesus dies. We all will die. Some suffer dreadful death, sometimes inflicted by others.

Before He dies, He begs forgiveness for those who caused his pain, including his murderers.

God is speaking to us in this DRAMA. In the midst of all this evil, God gives us a wake-up call.

He wants us to name the evil that consciously or unconsciously we have caused. We need to take responsibility for it. He wants our healing, not revenge.

God is saying that pain and evil and death do not have the final say.

God is also saying, and maybe this is the most important message, “You are worth dying for!”

Others, because of human weakness can and do let us down. “Even if a mother  forgets her baby, I will never forget you!” says God. 

God bless you today.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin