Holy Saturday.jpg

This is a day of waiting. We know that Jesus rose from the dead sometime overnight on the day that we remember today.

However, the apostles, Mary His Mother, and the early Christian community did not know what was going to happen. Their hopes, their dreams were shattered. They would have been frightened. Were the killers of Jesus coming after them as well?

Jesus showed so much promise. How could this happen? They would have been feeling very confused, sad, stunned!…..

We have our waiting times. We wait for a better time, a better day, another opportunity, etc. So often we can live in the past, and in the future, and forget the present. We can get lost in worries of what could happen, we can stay trapped in the past.

One of the most fundamental messages of this week is, that no matter what happens, God is with us. We know what Jesus had to face. Despite outward appearances, God remained with Him, did not abandon Him.

Our God loves us with the same love that Jesus was loved. God is, and will always be there for us, so we can live in the moment. We can be present to each other and to life around us. It is so wasteful to lock ourselves in unhealthy, paralysing introspection going around in circles in our heads.

The other temptation that Holy Saturday teaches us among other things, is that there is a time for waiting. We tend to get used to wanting instant solutions. While it is not good to procrastinate, it is also important to recapture the virtue or the art of waiting. Sometimes we want to rush things and give up when we cannot see the answer to issues, concerns or problems.

Holy Saturday reminds us never to give up on hope.

We have every reason to be people of hope even when we don’t know the outcome of things because God wants to, and does turn everything to good for us.

God bless you.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin