The exaltation of The Cross

The cross is ugly… it is a disgusting instrument of torture and execution.


Jesus, the incarnated God among us was murdered on the cross.


This horrible instrument of pain and death became the means and sign of God showing God’s great and incredible love for us. The cross is the great sign of our salvation.


Jesus the sinless one took upon himself the sins… the pain… the betrayal… the shame and the ignominy inflicting humanity.


Jesus reached out to the real stuff of life of every human person. He wants to transform it all into Love and healing.


This real historical event has transformed all of history. All of creation is in the act of being born through Jesus, renewed and revitalised.


I was told off once by a fundamentalist Christian person for wearing a cross.


The paradox is that the cross still is a terrible instrument of misery.

However, it is also a sign of redemption and incredible life and love.