The extraordinary in the ordinary!

The extraordinary in the ordinary!


Sometimes we see and do not see! We tend to react to stimuli.


Heat or cold, adventure or boredom, likes and dislikes etc.,


Quick and surface reactions are natural. We are part of the natural world and respond to stimuli.


However, we are also more. We are also spiritual. We are graced beyond just the physical. We are part of the supernatural.


As beloved children of God, we are able, with the grace of God to see with the inner eye of Love.


The ordinary is charged with the grandeur of God. The redemptive love of God enables us to live beyond the stereotyping and judgment of others.


Like Mary, our mother, we are called to Ponder.


We are called to not jump to quick surface solutions but rather to discern what divine grace calls and invites us into


The Holy Spirit continues to call us to be in, and live out of the freedom of the children of God in the embrace of a life lived in the Spirit.