The gift of giving

Mary is expecting Jesus. She hears that her relative Elizabeth is expecting a child.

Elizabeth is advanced in years and Mary knows that she needs help.

She travels a long way to be with and support Elizabeth.


Elizabeth is carrying John the Baptist.

The child leaps in Elizabeth’s womb as soon as Elizabeth hears Mary’s greeting.


Even in the womb, there is a connection between Jesus and the one who was as an adult to prepare the way for him.


Despite her challenges and condition, Mary reaches out to another in need.

We are most free when we are able to give ourselves.


When we give time to another despite our busy schedule…


When we provide a listening ear even when it seems that not too many are listening to us.


When we not only help those who we really like but everyone.


When we give not just from what is spare and leftover but even from the little that we have.


When I believe that God loves me that much that I can be generous with others even when it costs…


When we try to stay too safe and not take risks we do not grow as persons.


In Hebrews in the second reading this Sunday Jesus says:

‘Here I am! I am coming to obey your will’.


Mary also is United to God’s will in her…


The more that we are United to God’s will, the more authentic that we become.

God desires the best for us.


Jesus is indeed our peace.




Image credit: freestocks via Unsplash