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Right judgement is another gift of the Holy Spirit. We can exist in a life of uncertainty, failing to make decisions and drifting. On the other hand it is possible to be very narrow in vision and unreflective in decisions that we make, inflexible.

It is possible to make a stand on values, to have clarity in the way we live our lives. It is possible to make ‘right decisions’ in the circumstances we find ourselves in. Jesus and his teachings and the Spirit-led wisdom of our church family are pointers in the right direction to help us make good judgements about our daily living. This could of course include sitting down and chatting with someone who can help us come to a place of right decision making.

Courage is another gift of the Spirit. God gives us the courage to face the challenges that we have to face. Courage goes together with trust and hope.

It is important to plan and to look at options. It is important not to be blind to what can happen and to make forward planning especially about important issues. We also need to live the moment and deal with the NOW.

So courage requires both prudential reflection and also trusting that God will give us the courage and strength to face challenges in life as they arise. I will be given the strength I need tomorrow, for tomorrow. We need courage to say YES or NO to things in life.

YES to witnessing to our faith not just when it is easy but also when things get to be challenging. YES to God not just when we are being asked to do things that we would like to do, but also when God might be inviting us to do things that are not easy to do.

Courage to be able to say NO to what is not truly life giving, NO to choosing the easy option and not the greater good!

NO to those who would lead us along the wrong path!

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are about choosing freedom. They are about embracing true life, a full life to which God is calling us.

– The Holy Spirit is both helper and guide.

– The Holy Spirit liberates us from ‘small living’ and ‘small thinking’ broadening our horizons making all things new.

I have choice, I can choose to embrace the great adventure of Christian living with a greater clarity of judgement and courage!

29 May 2020

29 May 2020