The Good Shepherd

Our Christian faith invites us into an intimate and loving relationship with Jesus.


Authentic Christianity is Christ-centred.


There is much that can motivate us in life.


Idealism is good, philanthropy is good, and good works are obviously good.


With Christ, we are able to have purity of mind and intentions.


The Ego is very insidious and deceptive. Self-interest, personal recognition by others, the promotion of one’s likes and dislikes etc can creep into our motivation.


Being in love with Jesus helps us to be protected from falling into this trap.


In today’s gospel, Jesus tells us that he lays down his life for his sheep, he lays down his life for us. 


He is the guarantor for us to stay faithful. In Him, we can have life and have it to the full.


We can become self-centred ideologues when we do not keep referring to Jesus.


He keeps calling us to act as he acts. We are invited to continuously put on the heart and the mind of Christ.


It is so important to keep asking the question:

‘what would Christ do?’


Recently, I was sent misinformation by two different people attacking Pope Francis and the Synod in Rome.


These were from good people who had been sent this material by others.

There is much misinformation being sent around confusing good people.


Saint Paul reminds us that even if we do many apparently good things without love, they are useless.


The deceived can cause others to be deceived like them by passing around misinformation not originating from Jesus.


The father of lies is happy with this behaviour. Jesus is our true protection from such behaviour.


We need discerning minds and hearts ever connected with Jesus.


The good shepherd Jesus is a protector, nurturer, healer, and amazing lover.