We have just celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday. Mercy and compassion need to be celebrated every day, all the time. Being creatures of habit, we need reminders, I need reminders.

Yesterday someone sent me an extract from a letter from Albert Einstein. He was a great genius and sent some letters to his daughter which he wrote very shortly before WWII broke out, in the midst of the build-up of hatred that exploded a few months afterwards. He helped develop the atomic bomb which he later on very much regretted. He said to his daughter, ‘Hang onto these letters and guard them till society is advanced enough to understand them’.

Twenty years later in 1980, his daughter released these letters. He said many things, in summary he states his belief that there is a  universal force greater than all others. The universal force is LOVE. Love is light that enlightens all who receive it, it is a power that will stop us from eradicating ourselves. The energy to heal the world is LOVE which has no limits. It is urgent that if we want to save the world; love is the one and only force. Each individual contains this love within them! We need a bomb of Love to drive away hatred and prejudice, and division he said.

These thoughts echo the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ, the French paleontologist and geologist. He spoke of Humanity evolving to Omega Point. He also said that the only energy that will stop us destroying this planet and ourselves as a human race is LOVE.

These sentiments of course are echoed in St Paul and the other scriptures when Christ is called the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the fulfilment of all things. St Paul reminds us that the greatest and most powerful gift is LOVE.

I think that most of us would agree with these sentiments and beliefs. I wonder how many of us underestimate the ability that we have within us to make a difference! ‘You are salt of the earth, light of the world’. With the grace of God and by dwelling  on the love of God for us, we can remain steadfast in LOVE.  

Yes, we are also frail; yes, we make mistakes; yes, we can fluctuate like a pendulum. Yet, God, who is love, never gives up on us. God empowers us to keep renewing our commitment to LOVE.

I need constant reminders of this. My moods, my fears, my uncertainties, my ego, can get in the way. I need to keep putting myself in places where I am reminded of how unconditionally LOVED I am. The liberating LOVE of God conquers all the powers of darkness within and around us.

With all the grace of God doing within us much more than we can dream or imagine, we can make a difference; each of us being a spark of the divine power of God who is LOVE.

God Bless you today.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin