Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension.

Jesus called the disciples on to a mountain and met them there.

Jesus proclaimed the Beatitudes on a mountain (Mat. 5:1-12). He withdrew to the mountain to pray (Mat. 4:23). He received the crowds there and healed the sick (Mat. 25:21).

Now, on this mountain, Jesus the teacher commissions the disciples to teach, proclaim and to act. He sends them to all people to proclaim the Gospel, to baptise, and observe what He had commanded them to observe.

They were to first and foremost be witnesses to the resurrection and witnesses to the Gospel.

We also are called to witness to this. We cannot do it on our own, we need the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us. We can, because of our human frailty feel quite inadequate in fulfilling this call.

Jesus, the great healer, so many times said to people, “Yours sins are forgiven, sin no more”. He is still with us, the risen Lord, present in a new way.

Jesus still offers forgiveness and healing by the action of the Holy Spirit. We can still be ‘born again’.

It is a temptation to be stuck in our mistakes, inadequacies, our sins. It is deenergising to dwell on our failings.

The Apostles who were commissioned by Jesus had their failings and inadequacies, yet Jesus had faith in them. He also has faith in us.

As we prepare for the Feast of Pentecost this coming Sunday, we are invited to focus on the presence of the Holy Spirit who makes all things new and refreshes all of life.

Jesus promised to be with us always. He gives us strength, perseverance and joy. No-one is stronger than the Holy Spirit. This Spirit transformed the disciples of Jesus, transforms us!

As we reflect on all that affects our lives, we do so with great hope knowing that Jesus is with us in every ‘mundane’ or otherwise experience and relationship! God

Bless you today.
+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin