The Impossible takes a bit longer

My spiritual director in my early years of priestly ministry was Fr Ted O’Conner SJ.

He used to say to me ‘Nothing is Impossible’. The Impossible just takes a lot longer.

I do not think that he ever meant for this to be taken literally.

However, I believe that he was speaking about hope and commitment.


Many years ago I saw a picture of an albatross flying. It is a magnificent bird that can travel thousands of kilometres at a time and not touch land for a long time. Though magnificent in flight this bird finds it hard to take off into the air. There was a caption written on the poster:

‘They can because they think they can’.


We can be defeatists or we can choose to be people of hope. We need both, to believe in the action of the Holy Spirit within us doing more than we can dream or imagine, while also knowing that we are not able to do anything without that same Holy Spirit.


As we face challenges we are invited to do so with hope. As Christians, we take up our daily challenge and invitation to follow Jesus with hope. We are in for the long haul.


Jesus reminds us not to let fear dominate us. We can be afraid of our own weakness, or opposition from others, or live in uncertainty. We can be afraid of leaving our comfort zone as we reach out to others.


With healthy risk-taking, we grow and help others to grow!!