The innocents

Today is the feast of the Holy innocents.

These are the infants killed by king Harold in his attempt to kill Jesus.

Though they did not know it, they died because of Jesus.

So many innocent children die prematurely as a result of the actions of others.


So many die as a result of abortion, war, domestic violence…


Children depend so much on our love, our care and our example.


Jesus warned us about giving scandal or hurting children. He spoke VERY strongly about this.


We have a sacred responsibility of nurturing and caring for children.


So many children suffer from abuse in family life and institutions.  We as a Church have a responsibility to learn from the mistakes of the past and to protect children absolutely.


What a privilege to be able to be a positive influence for good in the life of a child.


Families need all the support that we can give them so that they can, in turn, look after their children in the best possible ways.


We were all infants once; it is good to give thanks for those who nurtured us.


We cannot be infants again however we can learn from them and have the openness of a child to mystery and the sacred enchantment of life.




Image credit: Steven Libralon via Unsplash