The journey continues

We are now in the week after the conclusion of the first session of the Plenary Council of the Australian Church.

We now enter a time of nine months of further reflection digesting what we had already started to reflect on.

In July we will meet again hopefully in person in Sydney.


We cannot have business as usual after last week.

I believe that we will be a more accountable, more synodical, more inclusive, more Christ centred, more humble and more holy Church.


There was great respect for each other from those of opposing views and ideas.


During the week significant time was given to prayer and reflection.


So many times, we were reminded by each other that we want to be Jesus centred.


There was a genuine openness to the Holy Spirit.


There were many instances of naming our failures as a Church with a genuine desire for repentance.


Inclusiveness featured large during the week. No one must be on the outer.


We do not need to wait till July to start implementing many of the proposals.


And all this on video conference!!





Image credit: Fr Prakash Menezes during the First Assembly of the Plenary Council (09th October 2021)