The Lateran

Today is the celebration of the Church of St John Lateran.


This Church was first built in about 324.

This was the end of the era of Roman persecutions of the Church.


Christians could now worship openly.

It is often called the mother of all Churches.


It is the Cathedral Church of the Pope as the Bishop of Rome.


St Peter’s is the Church of the universal Church.


In the second century, St Ignatius of Antioch called the Church of Rome as :

‘Presiding over the whole assembly of Charity.’


Today’s feast celebrates the role of the Church of Rome as being the custodian of unity in the church on the role of Peter.


The role of the Pope continues that link with Peter, the rock on whom the Church is built Matt 16:18.


Pope Francis carries that charism of keeping Church unity to this very day.


We need to be very careful about those groups within the Church who do not respect the successor of Peter. I know this man to be a great humble Disciple of Jesus calling us all to conversion.


Today is also a celebration of the ‘Body of Christ‘ that is the community of Disciples of Jesus.

The Church is the People of God.


The Church building is the place where the community gathers so as to be strengthened to live the message out there in everyday life.





Image credit: Wikipedia