The method is the message

I have been involved very heavily with the whole issue of the ‘review of the anti-discrimination laws’ here in the NT.


I understand why many, including me, feel very strongly about this issue.

It involved the viability of our Catholic schools as well as religious freedom in our Church services.

Of course, discrimination is wrong when it excludes people because of creed, race, sexual orientation, etc.


However, as somebody said to me:

It is foolish of me to expect a ham sandwich in a Mosque or a Synagogue!


It does not make sense to engage an atheist as the leader of a Catholic school or as a religious formation teacher.


My approach was to be clear about our expectations and concerns while expressing this in a respectful Christian manner.


I was concerned that the method of how we do this is proclaimed and done in a Christian manner.


It is not about winning or scoring points!

It is about the truth, the bigger issues.


In everything that we do we need to be proclaiming the Gospel.


That is, we speak with genuine respect even when we disagree, we do so with respect.


We are called to do everything with love.

Even tough love is still love.


Love is not a weakness, rather it is a strength.