The miracle that we share

I was about to go into the Cathedral. It was the celebration of the Valedictory Mass for the Year 12 graduates from St John’s College.

The young people had lined up ready to walk up to the altar. I was at the end of the line outside.

I looked across to the young trees growing on the lawn next to the Cathedral.


It was a moment of encounter between me and the trees. I felt a connection with them. We share the same energy Source.


The same creative energy of our loving God flows through me and through them.

Pope Francis reminds us of this in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si‘.


The psalms in the Jewish scriptures also speak of all creation singing the praises of God.


I remembered something that I heard years ago which resounded in my heart.


‘When you see a tree and you see just a tree, you have not seen the tree!

When you see a miracle then you have Seen the tree.‘


The miracle continued inside the Cathedral.


Those young graduates full of dreams, energy, hopes and life come from so many ethnic, linguistic, and other backgrounds.


At the start of the homily, I asked them if they loved themselves?

By this I meant do you like yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you accept yourself? You are not perfect, but you are uniquely special and gifted as well as being unique. You are capable of so much.

I reminded them that they are deeply loved by God and unconditionally so.


I told them how proud we are of them all. I also reassured them that our Church family will always be there for them.


We share in the ongoing creative act of God. We are sacraments of the Mission of Jesus to each other.


We need to lovingly remind each other of the miracle that we are!





Image credit: St John’s College & Diocese of Darwin