The money changers

The temple in Jerusalem was of great benefit to the economy of that city.


Jesus saw the abuses that surrounded this economy. He was the cause of a disturbance by reacting strongly to this abuse and materialism in his time…


His reaction encouraged and strengthened the determination of the authorities to get rid of him.


There were those who reacted favourably to ‘the signs’ that he did.


Jesus knew that at least for some this was a surface reaction without enough depth…


They were probably genuinely impressed by Jesus. However, they did not move beyond a surface reaction into a deeper understanding of what he was about.


We are invited to a deep loving relationship with Jesus. Something much deeper than a surface reaction.


Deep relationships need commitment and faithfulness.


We are called to be much more than fair weather. Jesus is with us inviting, loving, and faithful even amid every storm in life.


We are commissioned to be living reminders of the one who is the light of the world.