I have come to bring life

This week Pope Francis is visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.


Both countries have suffered horrendous war and violence. Millions have been displaced. In some parts local militias hold sway. Diseases and other effects of war affect people of all ages. Child-enforced labour and other forms of exploitation affect the lives of many.


Jesus said I have come to bring life to the full.


Pope Francis is reminding us all by example that we also are called to reach out to those most in need.


‘I have come to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim liberty to captives…’

As Christians, it is a very important part of our calling, our vocation to be attentive as to who are those most in need in our environment and to do what we can about it.


So many former refugees from those two countries and other countries live among us. They enrich our society so much.


There are many others who for various reasons feel and are on the outer.


We need to continue reflecting together to build more inclusive and just societies.


To do so we sometimes need to move beyond our comfort zone. Love takes commitment for the long haul. We can do with others what we cannot do by ourselves.


We can all smile and give a greeting reminding them that they are worth a lot!


In giving we receive ….we are most who we truly are….