The Presentation

It is forty days since Christmas. As was the Jewish practice in the case of a firstborn Mary and Joseph take the child Jesus for him to be presented to God in the temple.


Two old people both prophets a man and a woman are present. Both had been living in hope that they would see the messiah.


Here is Jesus the promised one of God fulfilling that promise.

God always keeps his promises.


It was a joyful occasion to present a child, the firstborn, to God.


The temple was a sign of God’s presence.


In Jesus God enters the temple in a new way.


God is present in a new way.


Simeon proclaims what we now call in Latin the ‘Nuc Dimitis’ which is now prayed in the night prayer of the church every night.


In this canticle, Simeon proclaims that the salvation which Jesus brings is for all regardless of background…


Yet mixed up with the joy and fulfilment of the promise there is also the prediction made to Mary that she will have a ‘sword’ pierce her heart.


Mary will share in the sufferings of Jesus because of what happens to him in his suffering.


Anna the prophetess also acclaims Jesus as the one promised.


Like Simeon and Anna, we are also invited to always trust in God‘s promises. God will never let us down.


Jesus is God among us.