The Principle and Foundation

I find from time to time, it is good to remember the principle and foundation as articulated by St Ignatius of Loyola due to its name, it reminds me of a foundational reality on which it so much depends.


God has created us to be in harmony and in a relationship with God.


Creation around us reminds us of who God is. We are called to be good stewards of Creation and live in harmony with it.


Creation must not take the place of our creator. Any giving of priority to a creature over the creator is unhealthy.


We also need to ensure that we develop a healthy indifference as to whether we are rich or poor, enjoying good health or being sick, being well thought off by others or not being well thought of.


By indifference, he means that we have inner freedom so as not to be over-dependent on these things to the extent of letting them get in the way of having God as our priority.


When I respond to God’s invitation to bring in harmony with God then I am who I have been created to be. I am most true to myself and to all others and to all of creation.


A good reminder for Lent.