The road less travelled

We live in a time where individual freedom and liberty are held as one of the highest values. Historically there are good reasons for this. In the living memory of many is the collectivism of communism and fascism where the individual Liberty and dignity of so many were often so violated.


However, this quest for individualism can and often is unbalanced.


In the acts of the apostles, the early Christian community went out of their way to support each other especially those most in greatest need.


They had their problems too of course. However, the teachings of Jesus were still fresh in their mind and kept reminding each other of them.


Jesus himself gave up his life for those he loved.


His message is as relevant to us today as it was to them.


Self-centredness, over-concern with the gratification of the senses and the ego, making of self as the criteria of what is true and real and other forms of unhealthy subjectivism are the opposite of his way of life.


The common good, objective criteria of values and the truth… the ‘folly’ of loving, lead to real and full human living.


We need living reminders of the one who is the truth the way and the life.


It is the road less travelled.


However, it is the road that leads to life