The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today we celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


The heart is an organ that is so vital for the body to stay alive. It is also a great symbol of LOVE.

Jesus and the scriptures make it very clear that love is the most important attribute that we can aspire for.


There is nothing more powerful, more important than love.


Jesus was no fundamentalist legalistic zealot. In fact, he was the opposite.

He scandalised those who were legalistic and narrow in their interpretation of what God wanted.

His heart was burning with love of God and neighbour.

His love for us is absolutely unconditional.

Indeed, we can say that God Is Love.

Today’s feast reminds us of the infinite love of God for each of us, for all human beings.

We are invited to trust unconditionally the one who loves us unconditionally.

Love drives away fear. The one who loves need not fear judgment.

Forgiveness, healing, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, fullness of life and eternal life are found in the Sacred Heart.

God’s love for us also enables and calls us to love our neighbours. We cannot say that we love God without loving our neighbour.

Indeed, the totally altruistic love of God empowers us to love all of creation including ourselves…


Image credit: Ali Hajiluyi via Unsplash