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The significance of Easter is huge!

The next 8 days are called the Octave of Easter. It’s like as if each day is Easter and the next 50 days are called the times of Easter, finishing with the feast of Pentecost.

The story of Jesus comes to fullness at Easter, but it is more than just Easter. Jesus is God among us revealing to us in an abundant way, that God’s love for all of humanity is unconditional. He, of course calls us to be fully human and to let go of any obstacles that stop this being so.

When I look at this awesome universe, maybe universes, we seem to be so insignificant. Yet we really matter to God who became one of us in Jesus Christ. What a great reminder not to underestimate the importance of the dignity of each human person.

Life can at times seem mundane, ordinary, maybe for some even futile. However, we are on an adventure. It is an adventure of love, deep, amazing love.

Our Christian faith, given such a significant energy and meaning because of what Easter represents, is about the greatest adventure.

It’s about freely accepting God’s invitation to share in God’s plan for humanity, indeed for this world that we live in.

God loves the world; God loves all of creation. In Jesus, in the amazing mystery of the incarnation, i.e. God becoming human, God connects with matter in a very intimate way. The body of Jesus is flesh, hence matter.

The universe is not God, but through the incarnation of Jesus all of matter and related energy and life, enters into a new dignity, an amazing mind-blowing mystery!

We are invited as human beings to make a free act of will and respond to God’s invitation to enter into a loving relationship with Him and through God with all that there is.

Our response to this invitation of love calls us to share in God’s dream, God’s ongoing act of creation.

We are called to continue the mission of Jesus:
–         To set the downtrodden free.
–         To proclaim God’s ‘Year of Favour’, i.e. liberation and freedom for all to empower the weak and those who struggle.
–         To empower the excluded.
–         To be good stewards of creation and to look after this planet intelligently.
–         To be committee to the common good.
–         To exclude any aspect of exploitation of others.

No challenge, no obstacle takes away this privilege – this God given vocation and mission!

Yes indeed we are on a great adventure, a never-ending story of love!

Happy Easter!
God Bless you today
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin