The sun behind the clouds

It has been raining for three days here in Darwin. The possibility of a cyclone has greatly diminished according to the forecast.

However, we have not seen the sun during this time.

There has been a layer of cloud hiding it during this time.


It gets bright every now and then, however it does not come out.


It got me reflecting on all this.


I know that the sun is there even though I cannot see it.


God is always there not just when we feel God’s presence.


We know from revelation, especially the revelation of Jesus Christ, something about who God is.

I say something because there is so much more about God than we can grasp or imagine.


All images of God are imperfect. The mystics tell us that we know more who God is not, than who God is:

We know that God is not evil, not non-loving, not vengeful, not limited, etc…


It does not mean that we cannot know God. We can and we do. Though real, our knowledge of God is limited because we are limited!


Jesus the ultimate and the best revelation of God has taught us about the unconditional and absolute love of God.


So, since we can trust Jesus absolutely we know that God is there for us and with us all the time. That remains true even when the spiritual clouds are there.


Grief, illness and other things can obscure this for us; however, it does not stop it from being true.


God’s promises endure forever!




Image credit: Antoine Barrès via Unsplash