The Visitation

Today is the feast of the visitation of our mother Mary to her relative Saint Elizabeth.


Mary while pregnant with Jesus travels a long way to visit her relative Elizabeth who is also pregnant and carrying Saint John the Baptist within her.


We find our true selves when we give ourselves. However, we do not give ourselves to find ourselves. We give ourselves because to love is sufficient unto itself.


John, the child that Elizabeth is carrying is the one who grew up and prepared the way for Jesus.


John leaps inside his mother’s womb when in the presence of Jesus inside Mary’s womb.


John is conceived in his parent’s old age when Elizabeth is past childbearing age.


What is impossible for human beings is not impossible for God.


In this feast, we are reminded to celebrate hope. God who calls us is always with us in our undertakings.


Like John we are called to be heralds of his gospel, to prepare the way for the Lord.


Our loving service indeed makes us loving sacraments of God’s Love for each other.