This is my son, the Beloved

In this second Sunday of Lent as we journey towards Holy Week Jesus is transfigured on the mountain.


Moses representing the Tora (the Law) and Elija representing the prophets appear and converse with Jesus. He is the one who fulfils the Law and the prophets.


As at Jesus’s baptism, the Father speaks and says ‘This is my son the Beloved.’


The Father also tells us to listen to him.


The three apostles present are terrified by the spectacle!


In their confusion they only have Jesus to reassure them.


He is the Way, the Truth, and the life.


Jesus is truly human as well as truly Devine. As a human, he is reassured by the Father in anticipation of his passion and death.


The apostles also are being strengthened for the coming traumatic challenge. However, they did not properly understand and know how to deal with it. They then needed to be reminded after the resurrection.


We also encounter challenges that we do not fully know how to understand and properly deal with.


We are also reminded to keep our gaze on Jesus always… in good times and in bad times…