God’s love sets us free

God’s love sets us free

Conversion is about opening ourselves up to the beauty, the goodness, the tenderness of God.  No-one can convert by his or her own strength.  It is a grace, a gift from God.  It is good to ask for that grace.  It is always helpful to ask for that grace.

As we deal with our human weakness, unhealthy tendencies, bad habits, etc. we can, at times, feel overpowered, or helpless.  Sometimes we find it hard to let go, to grow, to change.

Advent reminds us that we can always grow.  We do not have to be stuck in a rut.

I hear people say sometimes ‘that’s how I am, I cannot change”.

The Gospel message is full of stories where people did precisely that.  They did change!

In the moral and spiritual life, to convert means to turn oneself from evil to good, from sin to the love of God.

There needs to be a willingness to repent and to change one’s life.

It is about not giving up.  To give up means to feel defeated.

Addictions to various things such as gossip; judgement of others; stereotyping people in our own minds; the simplistic dismissing of others; pornography, alcohol, or other chemicals, etc. can feel overpowering.

God is a power greater than us and has promised never to abandon us.

There is always hope.

The spiritual journey is not about being perfect.  No-one is perfect.  When we think that we should be perfect we feel like a fraud when we make mistakes.

We are invited to never give up trusting in God who can do within us more that we can dream or imagine.

It is because we are unconditionally loved that there is always hope.

God’s love sets us free.

We do not need to give up on the journey to holiness.


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