They can - because they think they can

They can – because they think they can

Many years ago, I saw a picture of an albatross.  These are magnificent birds that fly thousands of kilometres and stay in the air for very long periods of time.  The words on the poster with the albatross in flight said:  “They can because they think they can”.There can be a certain fatalism, an unhealthy resignation and entrapment, in regard to our weaknesses.

I hear people say “That is how I am, I cannot change”.  This is sometimes said in regard to unhealthy practices.

Yes, it is important to be very honest about our weaknesses.  We are all flawed in some way!  It is also important not to be violent with ourselves when it comes to trying to change.

It is also important to believe in the power of God within us doing so much more than we can dream or imagine.

We can be transformed.

One of the traps that people fall into is to try to do the right thing and it works well.  Then bad choices are made again, and the person gives up!

“I cannot do this”, or “I am so bad”, or “I am so weak, what is the point of trying?”.

Yes, it is true, by ourselves we often cannot bring about the changes that we desire.

Desire for change is important.  It is good to pray for the desire to change, to grow.

Then we need to stay faithful in faith, trusting in the Grace of God.

Transformation may often be a slow process.

When we do not give up in our spiritual journey, our spiritual growth, we give God a chance to help us like God has helped so many, many others before us.

As St. Ignatius reminds us, the condemnatory ‘bad spirit’, the father of lies, wants us to believe that we are not good, that we are bad and a hopeless case.

Many a great Saint was first a great sinner

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