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Today is the feast of St Bridget (1303-1373)

She was a married woman and afterwards the founder of a double monastery one for women and one for men.

She was able to live a committed Christian life and was also a great reformer.

She was dismayed by the riotous and indecent life at court in Sweden. She also denounced the excesses of the aristocracy in Rome. She also robustly told the Pope to return and live in Rome from Avignon.

Bridget was able to recognise the need for reform in the church of her time, while remaining faithful to her own faith and also love of the church.

As last Sunday’s gospel reminded us, Jesus warned us that in the church there is good and bad seed.

Of course, we all have the potential to be good seed by listening to the word of God, and with His help letting the word be nurtured in our hearts and reflected in our lives.

We all sin and all need on going healing. However, we also need to make a stand and allow God to heal us. We can change, we can grow in holiness!

We hear of scandals in the church.  Also hear of those who are members of the church who are acting in ways that are not compatible to our Christian way of life.

This can be very disheartening and also be disillusioning. It really makes me sad.

St Bridget, like so many before her and after her, remained faithfully committed to her faith and lived it in an exemplary way within the family of the Catholic church. She knew that it was Jesus that she had her faith in, and that human beings can let Jesus d

We, like Bridget, and so many others, also are called to be reformer

The scriptures tell us that Christ purifies His Bride, the Church. The church is always in need of reform.

  • In the church we find the sacraments.

  • The church has kept alive the memory of Jesus for two thousand years. Despite human frailty the church is still the mystical body of Christ.

In history, when faced with scandals, there are some who have left the church for a variety of reasons. Some got disillusioned by the Christian faith altogether and stopped believing. Others formed different Christian groups not in communion with the Catholic church. It is not up to us to judge anyone. 

However, St. Bridget, St Francis de Sales, St Francis of Assis, St Dominic and so many others believed that the unity of the church was very important.

Jesus Prayed that Christians be one as the Father and He were one, “may they be so completely one…

  • We are reformers by being faithful to Christ, by prayer and by living the Christian life every day.

  • To stay firm by the Grace of God in our commitment.

  • To speak the truth, but above all to live the truth.

  • To let Jesus Christ continue to purify us!

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