Christmas starts tonight.  The Vigil of Christmas is Christmas.

I had just started to write this reflection when the doorbell rang several times in a row.

I went downstairs where I found ‘Jesus’ in the form of a young man and a young woman.  They were soon joined by an older woman.  They wanted a voucher.  The first thing I did was to ask why ‘Jesus’ had not rung the doorbell once, but several times!  Then I proceeded to explain that we do not have vouchers, but I could give them some food.

They accepted the food offer.  I went inside to the kitchen where I organised some food and cold water.

I believe that I was right to ask why they had rung the doorbell so many times.  However, I also made sure that I asked for their names and where they came from.  I felt that it was good to engage in conversation and not just do a ‘task’.

We cannot help having a mixture of reactions to situations.  I find I need constant reminders to stay reflective and not just to react!

Christmas Eve can be so busy with last minute things.  How important it is not to miss ‘the wood for the trees’  We prepare to celebrate a feast, a great celebration.  We need not to lose sight of who we are celebrating.

Some of us have memories of family traditions.  I have clear memories on Christmas Eve, dad decorating the Christmas cake that mum had baked with great care before.  The Christmas tree would be flickering, the crib was in place.

The cake decorating happened while we were waiting for the time to go to midnight Mass.

Whatever is happening this special day for you, let us take time to speak with the one whose birthday we are celebrating.

Let us, in the busyness, keep seeing Him in all who we encounter.

He comes to us in so many unexpected ways!

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