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Following on from yesterday’s reflection on our relationship with God, we reflect today on our relationship with Jesus.

Christians believe that Jesus is truly God and truly human.

He is not just a prophet or just some other insightful religious leader.

He is unique in human history and experience.

This amazing awesome God of the universe wishes to connect with us in an amazing bond of deep and  intimate love.

He revealed in a special and new way that God is Love.  He also revealed that God’s love is unconditional . Nothing can come between us and the love of God.

Jesus healed sin and spiritual sickness in people.  He also did some amazing things in healing physical and mental illnesses.

He brought people into deep connection who had been on the outer considered to be bad people, immoral people, no hopers.  He gave them a fresh start.

As a human being he trusted fully in God.

He spoke about us forgiving people and not to judge.

He truly died on the cross on what we call Good Friday.  He truly rose back to life again on Easter Sunday.  This really happened!

Christians began to see that he is truly The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

The Christian way of life is about being truly who we are meant to be.  Jesus has fulfilled the deepest loving of the human heart of those who have trusted in him.

To be a Christian is to be fully human.

He promised to be with us till the end of time in a new way after his resurrection.

He sent the Holy Spirit to continue guiding us.

We can know Him in the gospels and the other scriptures. We can meet Him the poor, in each other.

We can get to know Him in prayer.

Do you desire this Lent to grow in your relationship with Jesus?

Talk to Him, read the scripture, take part in church services.

He desires a deep and personal relationship with you.

Do you desire to respond to his love and invitation?  If you do, tell Him, and spend time with Him.

You can talk to Him anywhere, anytime.

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