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Jesus takes three of the apostles with Him up a high mountain and is Transfigured. It was an amazing heaven-inspired phenomenon.

The Feast has many implications

  • Jesus is affirmed as a prophet He is the fulfilment of the Jewish law and of the prophets, the one who was to fulfil the deep longing of the Jewish people for God’s salvation.

  • God the Father proclaims the total approval of Jesus.

  • It anticipates His passion and death.

  • The apostles are told to listen to Him.

  • It is clear that Jesus is not just an ordinary prophet.

  • When the phenomena, during which Jesus is Transfigured occurred, the apostles looked up and saw only Jesus.

The Transfiguration of Jesus is a reassurance to Jesus himself that He has the Father’s approval and support. As the plot thickens, and the passion is looming, the human Jesus is facing some very big challenges. There would have been apprehension about what He had to endure, betrayal, people letting him down, much terrible suffering and death. The Father is saying that He is there for him, and that He is indeed doing the Father’s will.

The Apostles are also being told that what is about to happen in the Passion and Death is known to God. They did not comprehend what was happening. They are given Jesus to guide and lead them to what lies ahead.

In the Transfiguration event, Peter wants to hold on to these amazing phenomena. He wants to build three tents, one for Jesus, one for Moses, one for Elijah!

There are times when we have our spiritual highs and good experiences.

  • Experiencing a beautiful sunrise or sunset

  • The beauty of vegetation, flowers, trees, etc.

  • The song of a bird, the beauty of animals and other forms of life

  • A good liturgical experience

  • A good moment of prayer

There are times when we can be quite flat in our experiences.

  • Someone we love is very ill or dies and we feel so empty

  • Financial concerns, worries, anxieties, work-related issues

  • Fears of one type or another

  • Depression and other forms of illness

  • Etc.

We are reminded that Jesus is always there with us, and for us. We are never alone.

God will always be faithful.

This is true not just when we feel the “highs” but all the time.

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