God is love

God is love

I was struck by yesterday’s first reading at Mass from 1 John 4: 11-18.  In particular the section ‘In love there can be no fear, but fear is driven out by perfect love because to fear is to expect punishment; and anyone who is afraid is still imperfect in love.’

So much of our fear comes from the ego.

In yesterday’s reflection I spoke about defensiveness.  This can also be connected with fear of ridicule, consequences of past mistakes, saving face, etc. 

Also, I spoke about the need for ongoing reflection and centring throughout each day, calling us back to our centre.

Foremost in any prayer and meditation should be a focus on the unconditional love of God for us.

It is central to the revelation of Jesus Christ, backed by the experience of the early Church, that God is love.

God is bigger than our conscience, instinctive fears, a lack of adult maturity, fear of punishment, lack of healthy self-love, unhealthy religiosity can all contribute to blinding us from our awareness of the love of God.

Putting our faith in the love of God is liberating.

God is love.

A deeper appreciation of the love of God empowers us to keep choosing the greater good and not to settle for the false promises and illusion of sin.

Perfect love drives away fear.  Of course, for us in this journey of life our love is imperfect.  God constantly invites us not to be distracted by our imperfection.

We can feel a fraud, not good enough.  Constantly we are reminded by God, of God’s unconditional love.  Prayer and meditation help us to recognise this perfect and extravagant love of God.

It is liberating, empowering, freeing us so as to continue loving.  We are energised to join in the ‘dance’ of love with our God and Creator.

Reaching out instead of unhealthy introspection calls us forward in loving.  Keeping our gaze on Jesus as Peter first did when he walked on water, enables us to keep moving forward.  When we take away our gaze from Jesus, we being to sink!

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