Towards unity

I have just attended a gathering of Church leaders of various Churches during my visit to Alice Springs.


Good men and women who serve Christ.

I reflected on the fact that we disagree on a number of things.

However, we all do agree on much.


Jesus’s prayer came to mind. Father may they be one as you and I are one.


We can learn so much from each other.

We also need to keep talking with each other. As we listen to each other we can both learn and understand each other better.


As we look at what divides us, the challenges can seem to be too much for us to overcome on the way to unity.


However, what is impossible for us is not impossible for Christ.


The secular world can be understandingly scandalised by our divisions.


Ecumenism is not just an optional extra for us. It is a responsibility that we cannot run away from if you are you be faithful to Christ’s prayer for unity.


Christ can dispel all darkness and all divisions.


We are not talking about compromise or watering down. It is about purification and illumination. It is about God’s wisdom and not our own on our own.





Image credit: Chichi Onyekanne via Unsplash