True lovers

By this love that you have for one another, they will know that you are my Disciples.


Christians are not perfect. No one is perfect. However, Jesus has given us high ideals to aim for.


He calls us to love one another as He loves.


In other words, a true follower of Jesus is committed to never giving up on loving.

Sometimes I catch myself making judgments about someone in my head.

Other times I find myself reacting negatively to something someone says.

Other times I feel my guard coming up inside me when talking or in the presence of someone.


I find it helpful to remind myself to love them. I actually say it to myself under my breath ‘love them, love them…’


It tends to disarm me; I remind myself to keep loving.


Growing in love is a journey.


Yes, we are not perfect, but we are called to holiness. No one is already made a saint. We are all a work in progress.

The world needs people committed to loving, to be living reminders that love can work.


Loving can be so fragile but is also strong with the grace of God.


It is the most powerful energy that there is. Because of love for us, Jesus died on the cross. He did not run away when He saw trouble coming but stayed loving.


We need God’s help to accept the invitation to be lovers of God and all of humanity and indeed all of God’s creation.