True loving

Fear stops us from connection with each other.This can be because of fear of rejection if others really get to know us. The more meaning we have in a relationship, the more rejection can affect us.Love drives away fear. True love does not control, but is guided by respect.True love is about freedom for those in all loving relationships to be themselves.True loving is always a gift. It also knows that no one is perfect. The one who wants a perfect friend remains friendless.When two people enter into a loving relationship so as not to be lonely, what ends up happening is two lonely people together, often playing games in relationships. Loneliness is dealt with from within oneself. No one can take loneliness for us. Our self belief and healthy self love help us to move from loneliness to solitude. Believing that we are unconditionally loved by God helps us to deal with loneliness.True loving is always about a sharing and exchange of gifts. Each brings who they are, their uniqueness and mutual enrichment happens.Possessiveness is about control and stifles relationships. It is not love.Love requires commitment and ongoing renewal.We decide to love. Attraction is important, but not enough without commitment.True loving relationships help us to reach out to others as well.


Image credit: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash