True Values

The Beatitudes turn often-held priorities and ‘values’  upside down!


The poor in Spirit rejects pretence and recognise that they need God and that they are poor without God. They know where real enduring riches come from.


It is the gentle and not worldly powers who will gain lasting value. The slogan ‘might is right’ is indeed false and those who try to live by it will, in the end, be disappointed.


Grieving is not the end of a story but because of the resurrection, we can be truly consoled. We acknowledged grief but are not trapped by it.


Persistence in searching for what is good will not be disappointing. God will fulfil the deepest longing of our hearts.


Those who show mercy to others will be able to receive and accept mercy. If we are not merciful ourselves, we will find it hard to accept our own self-worth.


Those of a pure heart, who truly desire what is integral, and transparent without deceit and duplicity will be able to see God.


Peacemakers are true children of God. God does not need us to be violent to protect God’s rights.


God will never let those who are persecuted for what is right to be disadvantaged. God makes it up to them if not in this world will do so in the fullness of life.


Do not be dismayed when you are mistreated because of following Jesus, God will more than make it up to you!