We ‘tune in’ to our God who connects with us first

We ‘tune in’ to our God who connects with us first

I was celebrating Confirmation at Humpty Doo.  As a beautiful communion hymn was being sung a young girl started dancing to the tune and rhythm of the hymn.  She did faultlessly and very beautifully.  I was at first energised by the hymn that spoke of God’s energy and love.  I was also captivated watching the 4 or 5-year-old doing this beautiful dance.

I remembered the story from the Gospel where Jesus placed a little child in front of them all and used him as an example when He said:

“Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  (Matt 18:2-4)

I celebrated three sets of Confirmations this weekend.  This hymn and young girl captured a lot of what we were celebrating.

We were celebrating life.  God’s life in us and how we are commissioned to be infectious in the way we pass on the message of God’s unconditional love!

We ‘tune in’ to the radio, the net, television etc.

The energies coming in from these sources are there independent from us.  They do not exist because I make them happen.  However, I need to ‘tune in’ if I am to connect and benefit from them.  Through them I can connect to so many!

Religious experience is a bit like that.  We ‘tune in’ to our God who connects with us first.

This ‘tuning in’ is much more than a head experience.  Our brains, our intellect is marvellous.  However, they are only part of the story.

That young girl responded to a moment of the heart.  She caught the rhythm.

Religious experience tunes in to the rhythm of God’s energies, or grace.

The spontaneity of that little girl taught me a lot about the joy of the Holy Spirit, about moving with the movements of the Holy Spirit, unencumbered by fear and immobility.

God makes all things new.

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