Prophets in everyday life

Prophets in everyday life

We need lives that show the miracle of God’s love’.  Pope Francis said these words last Monday on the Feast of St Peter and Paul.  He asks what each one of us is doing so that the Church can be truly prophetic.

He also said that it is so often pointless and tedious to waste our time complaining about the world, society, about everything that is not right.  Complaints so often change nothing.

He also said that there are a few things that close the door to the Holy Spirit.

  1. NARCISSISM. This means that we live and act as if the world rotates around us.  We can be self-absorbed, self-centred.  “Look at what they are doing to me!”.  “No-one acknowledges how much I do”.  There is a tendency to blame others for what happens to me.

  2. DISCOURAGEMENT.  A certain pessimistic attitude to life leading to a lack of hope.  We tend to see obstacles everywhere, and over emphasise problems.

  3. PESSIMISM.  A tendency to think that everything is dark and bleak.What would happen if we prayed more and complained less and had a more tranquil tongue!

If we prayed for one another more instead of finding fault with each other, we would certainly be more tranquil!

In the scripture we are urged by St. Paul, and in many other places, to pray for one another and to pray for those in government and those with responsible positions, whether Church or State.

Of course this does not mean that there is not a time to respectfully challenge.  There is time for everything under Him!

We need lives that show the miracle of God’s love.

  • NOT forcefulness, but forthrightness.

  • NOT just words but service.

  • NOT theory but testimony.

  • NOT to be over pre-occupied about being rich, but rather to be over concerned about saving for ourselves, but to spend ourselves for others.

  • NOT to seek the approval of the world.

  • NOT to be comfortable with God and the devil!

  • We need to offer our lives, to be lovers of God.

As well as being prophets of heaven on earth, we are also called to be builders of unity.

Jesus did not command us to always like one another, but to love one another.  We are all different.  We cannot be everybody’s best friend.

With the Grace of God we can make a difference!

Our lives need to be themselves a prophetic message.  We are also called to be builders of unity in the Church, and among all peoples.

We do it day by day by the way we live.

By reflecting prayerfully on our actions, we carry the mission of Jesus in our everyday realities.

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