Today is the first day of Spring!

In many parts of the world Spring heralds the beginning of new life.

In cold countries, deciduous trees begin to blossom, and new leaves appear.  Birds and other animals build nests and have young.

The cold weather begins to give way to warmth.

Here, in the Top End, it reminds us of the soon to come wet season.

A time of the greening of the countryside after the dry.

Spring is associated with hope.

Hope is at the core of our Christian faith.  The turn of the seasons reminds us of new beginnings.  Life is not static.  We are reminded not to get stuck in a rut.  There are times when, because of our human limitations, our life ‘shrinks’.  We get trapped in fears and anxieties.  Illness, depression, job insecurity, tensions in family life and in friendships, preoccupations of various types.

We can have times when we feel heavy burdened and maybe even trapped!

Gratitude is one of the best antidotes to these things.

Instead of staying with what we do not have, we also remember with gratitude what we do have. 

We do not ignore the truth; we want to look at the full truth.

In the midst of everything there are blessings in our life.  For these we give thanks!

As Christians we are children of the Kerygma.  The Kerygma is the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ!

While this is very real to me, I need prayer, to spend time with the Lord, to be reminded of the gratitude that I need to have for Jesus and His Passion, Death and Resurrection, as well as all the other blessings in my life.

Yes, because of Christ, hope always.

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